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Professional Putt Putt? Yep.

Why settle for the ordinary game of golf when you can shrink down the action and still manage to miss the putt by a mile? It's like the charming younger sibling of traditional golf, often overlooked but undeniably delightful. Back in the heyday, it served as a beacon of hope for golf aficionados during the Great Depression because apparently, there's nothing like sinking a tiny ball into an even tinier hole to ease financial woes.

Now, let's delve into the intriguing realm of the World Putting League (WPL). Who would have thought? In 2023, Pro League Network made the bold move to catapult professional mini-golf to the forefront by live-streaming tournaments, and even upped the ante by introducing betting opportunities.

Under the watchful eye of the United States Pro Minigolf Association (USPMGA) and the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF), the WPL is action-packed and operates with the utmost integrity and adherence to standards. When it comes to the world of miniature golf, we take our rules very seriously.

Let's face it, these players are the crème de la crème of putters. They're bona fide athletes with Olympic aspirations and greens books tucked away in their pockets. These masters of the short grass can go hole-for-hole with the best of them, even if they're not exactly long off the tee.

Rob Pizzola

Guest Commentator and Host of The Hammer

Josh Tapia

PLN Sideline Reporter and Analyst

JT Tilley

PLN Host and Sideline Reporter